Florence Culinary Nutritionist Julia Coldiron

Julia Coldiron


Hello, all! I am a 24 year old Florence native and a graduate from the University of North Alabama. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary, Nutrition, and Hospitality Management with a Concentration in Therapeutic Nutrition in 2016. In Spring 2018 I completed the coursework required to obtain a Verification Statement from Jacksonville State University, an ACEND accredited university. Over 2018-2019 I’ll be working on a Masters degree in Dietetics. The passion I now have for the intertwined concepts of food, nutrition, health and disease started in childhood. Fortunately, an understanding of the importance of fruits, veggies and staying hydrated was instilled in me from a young age and ultimately grew into an insatiable quest for knowledge. This journey continued and grew exponentially throughout my college career and is still driving me to never stop learning. Now, in my professional career, my mission is to reach those who need guidance in a world of misinformation, food myths, fad diets, and pseudoscience. I believe, through our work together, anyone can become an expert in the healthiest foods and then use that knowledge to provide delicious, nutritious meals for themselves and their families.

What do I do?

Nutritional Counseling

Initial 45-minute session: Take anthropometric measures, calculate “macros” and calorie needs to begin designing your individualized diet plan. Begin creating goals and discussing obstacles that affect personal diet, nutrition and health. 30-minute Follow-up sessions: Discuss and plan how to implement and maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Motivational Interviews to ensure progress and results.

Grocery Procurement

Let’s take a trip! Tour your local grocery store and learn how to easily source the most nutritious, budget-friendly ingredients. With the appropriate recipes provided, turning that fresh produce into healthy and delicious meals can become a lot easier and much more manageable amidst a busy schedule.

Personal Training

One-on-one, light weight/strength training and cardio lessons (30 minutes) designed to be low-impact, to high-intensity, depending on your individual needs and abilities. With minimal equipment and simple, effective routines, these exercise regiments can be easily adjusted to be done in the home.

  • Regular
    $50 Starting May 1st
    • Initial 45-minute Nutritional Counseling: $50
    • Follow-up 30-minute Nutritional Counseling: $30/session
  • Personal Training
    $30 Per Session
    • Per Session: $30
    • 3 Sessions Per Week: $75