Callie Fields

Massage Therapist

Callie attended The Massage Therapy Institute of Decatur Alabama. She specializes in therapeutic bodywork, deep tissue, and myofascial massage. Callie is a certified Reiki Practitioner and an advocate for Positive Touch Therapy; for victims of PTSD who have experienced abuse and trauma on a broad scale.

Through her own healing journey and her work with others, Callie has experienced the profound effectiveness of therapeutic massage for chronic pain, emotional trauma, and a wide scope of physical complaints. She has worked with longstanding pain, PTSD, prenatal and postpartum mothers, injury and auto-accident rehabilitation, anxiety and depression, nerve pain, and more. Callie addresses your entire well being in each massage. You will leave a massage session with an absence of tension and a fullness of energy. Callie also offers Aromatherapy, Cupping, Reflexology, or Reiki Energy Work throughout a bodywork session for those who inquire.

Callie is a Shoals transplant from Lexington, Kentucky, a mother of 2 shining little boys and a wife to her co-captain, Joshua Gwin. She is genuine, vicarious, and thoughtful. She seeks to serve and uplift anyone who crosses her path.

Seek out the roots of discomfort, pain, and imbalance instead of simply addressing symptoms. When the roots of a tree are watered all the vines, branches, and leaves benefit.
– Callie Fields

Florence Massage Therapist Callie Fields

The heart of this massage practice is much more than “feeling better.”

Callie rejoices in seeing her clients move beyond daily pain, chronic stress, and mental instability to a life that is enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable.

Together she and her clients make practical goals, in order to achieve short-term relief and long-term healing; chess, rather than checkers. These intentions, along with tailored preventative care, keep the mind, body, and soul nourished.