Florence Natural Health Practitioner Joshua Gwin

Joshua Gwin

Natural Health Practitioner

Joshua Gwin is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner with a decade of experience in the Natural Health field; personally helping heal diseases such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Auto-Immune Disorders, Skin problems, and much more.

Joshua started his career in the Natural Health field after healing himself of multiple auto-immune disorders, severe hormone imbalances, ADHD, social anxiety, and depression. He has been helping others struggling with illness ever since.

Joshua is also a Yoga Teacher with an extensive background in Neuroplasticity, The brains ability to change and mold throughout a person’s Life: and has merged the two sciences into one, simple system. He has taught this system to many people who have gone on to successfully heal themselves from autism and other spectrum disorders, manic depression, and social anxiety.

Joshua now devotes his time to helping people who are suffering from chronic disease and illness, and writing and teaching people how to heal themselves using practical and tangible tools and techniques.

Joshua has two sons, Gabriel and Rafael. They live in Florence, Alabama, and in his free time, Joshua enjoys reading, hiking, singing, and dancing.

What Do I Do?

I am a Natural Health Practitioner, but what does that entail?

Well every human being is different and has a different body type, all with unique needs and restraints. So i take each person and put them through a series of assessments, and at the end of all of that i am able to recommend them a diet and lifestyle plan that is tailored to their specific needs as an individual.

My Goal as a Natural Health Practitioner is to show people just how easy being healthy can be.
– Joshua Gwin

The world makes it seem hard and expensive, but i am here to show people just how easy and affordable being healthy can be.

Having More energy, Better cognitive function, and overall better Immunity is attainable for even the most novice of health savvy people. That’s the real benefit; not the trendy eating, or the affordability of it all, But all of the physical benefits that go along with living a healthier lifestyle.

More Energy

This and this one alone is the crux of so many peoples mental disease and illness. If people only had more energy, than they would be happier each and everyday, but instead, people are falling out left and right, and are struggling just to stay up through each and everyday.This is absolutely unacceptable, and I am here to remind you of that.

This is not the life for any one of us.

Not a single human being was designed to live like this, and yet the majority of people do. Why is that?

Its because we have lost the knowledge of radiant health and it has been replaced with the Standard American Diet (SAD).

People have forgotten about the connection between what they put in their mouth to how efficiently their brain and bodies function.

Every piece of food or drink that we put into our mouth causes a change within our DNA, Gene expressions, Neural Pathways in our brain, and everything else we can think of.

So what we put inside of our mouth is like information, And we get the privilege of deciding what sorts of information we put into our bodies!

If you had to choose between enlightening and uplifting information, or hurtful and debilitating information, Which would you choose?

For most of us, we would choose the information that was enlightening and that would leave us feeling good and uplifted.But the bizarre reality is, that most people are consciously choosing to put information that is harmful to them, and that is because they just don’t know any better…

Or maybe they do know better, but eating healthy seems like such hard work, and so expensive these days!

And nobody wants to be told that they can’t eat something when the desire it.

That’s where I come in.

I work with people to help them build a health routine that is simple, easy, does not require drastic changes or crazy diets, and that fits into their busy schedule.

The beautiful thing is that every program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and not just a cookie cutter program.

That’s what I love.

I love that every person is different and has different needs, and yet the same foundation of health works on everybody.

The Foundation is

1. Mindset

The mind will duplicate and support whatever it is told the most often. This can be a gift and a curse. In this first key area, I help you discover what it would look, feel, and be like for you to be operating at your healthiest, and highest performing self. We also go over toxic self-images of the past, and point out potential obstacles that can hinder our success. Once we get clear on our vision for what we are wanting to accomplish, everything becomes so much easier.

2. Motivation

It’s not enough to have a crystal clear vision, we have to have a motivation for why we are wanting to accomplish our goal. In this second key area, I help you find your “why” behind what you are doing to achieve your greatest success – and then I remind your every single day with motivational messages, emails, and personal phone calls.

3. Habits

Jim Rohn said, “Motivation will get you in the game, but habits will keep you there.” It’s not even enough to have a crystal clear vision, and the motivation to achieve it. We have to partake in healthy habits to keep us going. In the third key area, I design your very own, personal routine that outlines what the habits of the most successful people on earth are, and provides you with a framework for you to access your productivity.

4. Oxygen

Did you know that 80% of our daily energy comes from oxygen alone, and only 20% comes from food, and water? This is a big reason why so many people are so tired midday, because there are not breathing properly. In this step, I teach you how to control and lengthen your breath, so that you instantaneously feel more focused, and have more energy, and overtime this only continues to grow.

5. Hydration

Our bodies are 70-90% water, and we require 1/2 our body weight in oz of water per day, or more depending on our level of physical activity, salt intake, etc. In this step, I teach you the importance of proper hydration, and give you tips on how to stay hydrated throughout your busy schedule.

6. Movement

The body has 37.2 trillion cells, 5.5 liters of blood, 10 liters of interstitial fluid, 7 octillion atoms, 70 square meters of lung surface, 206 bones, 700+ muscles, and if you were to look inside your body, do you know what you would see? All of those things in constant motion! The body was made to move, and without movement, studies have shown our lifespan is shorter, our quality of life is poorer, and we have a much higher risk for diseases like cancer, COPD, heart disease, auto immune disorders, and more. In this key area of life, I give you the knowledge, exercises, and postures for how to have a beautiful and healthy body.

7. Nutrition

Nutrition is the fuel for your body – and just like a car, you want to keep it well fueled. It is not hard to eat a nutritious and delicious diet. It just takes a little know-how. In this key area, I give you the knowledge, as well as the grocery list, the places to purchase, and a ton of delicious recipes, to keep you on course and help you sustain your new diet and lifestyle.

8. Support

Having a community of people who support and uplift you in accomplishing your goals is critical for achieving success, and becoming the person you were meant to be. In this key area of life, I share with you my personal community of natural healers, entrepreneurs, massage therapist, yoga instructors, artists, creators, organic farmers, and wonderful friends.